Parting With Treasures

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Even though it was practical, I was sorry that we decided to sell our California digs this spring. I loved that condo, enjoyed the neighbors and (before COVID), enjoyed using the pool. I also, loved being only ten minutes from our son’s family. It enabled us to spend time with them a lot but still remain independent and not feel like we were getting underfoot every minute of the day, which was the case in the early days when we’d come down to visit and stay with them in their modest home. Now, with things opening up again we’ve decided to just Air B & B on our visits.
So goodbye lovely condo. And goodbye many lovely pieces I’d collected to furnish it, like this one that was to be my writing desk. In the end, I wound up using it for storage. But, oh, I loved it with its beautiful lines and ornate antique carving. Alas, there is no room for it back in Washington and so it had to find a new home.
I tell you what, it was hard to part with this. The day the people who bought it came to pick it up I hid in the bedroom and let Gerhardt help move it out. I just didn’t want to see it go. Sad, sad. Hard to pry my hands off that pretty.
There have been other pretties, too: a charming Mikasa dish set that I’d brought down from Washington  just for this place. A south of the border style serving bowl and condiment set perfect for Cinco de Mayo, a comfy chair I wish I could take home. No room. Happily, many of my kitchen treasures are getting shared with extended family here, who are happy to get them. And that makes me feel good.
I have come to realize that parting with my California treasures is good spiritual training. I’m sure you’ve heard the old saw that you never see a U-Haul headed to heaven. How true! There will come a time when we will all have to leave behind  those earthly things we think matter so much.
And in the light of eternity, should they ever matter? The things in our life aren’t the important “things.” What we need to hold close is our families, our friends, and our relationship with our Maker. Anything else is just trimmings.
I love pretty trimmings! But the older I get the more I have to pry my hands lose and be willing to let go and let someone else enjoy them. I can’t take ’em with me where I’m going. And I won’t need ’em!

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