All I Want For Christmas

All I Want For Christmas


Everyone in the town of Holly Falls loves Susan Carpenter’s over-the-top holiday decorations. People come from all over to admire her house and meet “Suzi Christmas”. Well, almost everyone.

Luke Potter does not have the holiday spirit. He doesn’t want it either, and is determined to put an end to Suzi Christmas’s fun before she can drive away any more of his renters. And if it takes going in on a lawsuit with his grumpy godfather, so be it. Until a practical joke by his brother gives him a chance to meet Suzi herself under false pretenses. Suddenly the season is merry and bright. Masquerading as Nicholas Claus, Luke has a chance to grow a heart and maybe find love with Susan. But what will happen when she finds out that Nick is really Luke, the man who’s out to shut her down and kill Christmas? Debbie Macomber fans will enjoy this classic Sheila Roberts Christmas romance.

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